The Weekly Event: #17point1


8am, 9am: CrossFit classes for those who just need a workout.

9am: OPEN PREP CLASS. This optional class is designed to breakdown the workout, strategize your work and rest sets, and provide you a relevant warmup for the CGO17 workouts. Attending this class also allows you first dibs for the CGO Event scheduled from 10am to 12pm+

10am: The Weekly CGO + FCF Intramural Open Event. THIS is the time to throw down with your fellow athletes and teams and earn some points. Our expectation is to finish within the allotted two hours, but we don’t know how many athletes will show, what the workout is and what logistics each week will require.

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 2/25

UB ab-mat situps sets, then

establish a deadlift 3RM


Staff: Why I Sign Up for the OPEN (Part 2)

Happy Champagne Friday! By this time some of you have already done 17.1. Priority is to hit this workout with everyone on Saturday from 10am-12pm but if you’re unable to make it, you can do the workout with class every Friday. Don’t forget to RSVP! The last day to sign up for the CF Games Open is Monday, February 27th!

Coach Andrew

I’ve participated in every one of the Opens! I sign up because it keeps everyone, especially myself, accountable for my fitness and its progression. The main reason I wanted to do the Open was to kickstart my CrossFitting again. I’ve mainly been focused on weightlifting competition, but I do miss the things that come along with consistent CrossFit training. My favorite thing about the Open is the camaraderie and the push for improvement I see from athletes every year. People who enter without a double under leave with many. Personal records are smashed. Everyone finishes with a huge sense of accomplishments and stronger relationships with each other and FCF. I’d like to see snatches and toeS-to-bar and box jumps. I hope wall ball doesn’t show up (but it will). I also really dislike walking lunges because it’s a logistical nightmare to set everything up.

Coach Tina

2015 was my very first Open, and I had only been doing CrossFit for about 3-4 months. It was terrible. It was embarrassing. I remember I maxed out at a 40kg c&j during 15.1 and wanted to die.

I continue to sign up because I’ve stuck with training consistently and have gotten better. Now it’s fun, not terrifying. I get that good kind of nervous because I know I’ll survive, and the end result is deeply satisfying. I also love our community, the camaraderie, and contributing to the FCF team spirit.

My favorite part is getting to demonstrate what I’m capable of doing now that I wasn’t capable of the year before. Progress! The ranking system is nearly irrelevant (not completely though  ). I also love cheer-screaming for others and bearing witness to their achievements.

I hope to see plenty of weightlifting, and I love double unders. My weak areas are wall balls and rowing–those will likely show up, but honestly, I’m looking forward to how terrible it will be and coming out the other side with new goals to focus on.

Coach Anthony

-What year was it when you participated in your first Open and what did you experience?
2014, a lot of fun & excitement.

-Why do you continue to sign up?
To be part of the FCF community & see if I’ve improved compared to previous years.

-What is your favorite thing about the Open?
It provides a true gauge of what you can & can’t do. It can either put you on cloud nine or crush your soul!

-What movements do you hope to see this year? Or NOT want to see?
Cleans & Snatches! Don’t want to see DUs & pistols.

Coach Sarah

-What year was it when you participated in your first Open and what did you experience?
My first CGO was 2013 and I’ve participated every year since then. I went into my first Open after a year away from the gym and I felt out of shape and intimidated. Without the support of a friend (CHERYL!), I would have “missed” more of the workouts, but she got me into the gym just before the submission deadline. This time of year serves as a reminder of why I value our community- the love, energy and determination is undeniable!

-Why do you continue to sign up?
I continue to sign up for the open because it’s my duty as a leader in our community! It’s an opportunity for me to show athletes that I am pursuing fitness as well…talk the talk and walk the walk, ya know?!
If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s consistency. We can’t always give 100% in our workouts, but we CAN just show up, put in a little work and then get back to life. This time of year forces me to evaluate my own progress throughout the year- what skills have improved? And most importantly, what have I learned about myself in the past year?

-What is your favorite thing about the Open?
My favorite thing is to witness the physical triumphs and overwhelming support shown for each athlete, whether they are fresh out of Foundations or an awe-inspiring veteran. It reveals our inclusivity.

-What movements do you hope to see this year? Or do NOT?
Well…typically I would say bring on the wall balls, heavy cleans and double unders, but I’m recently injured, so I’d just like to be able to put up a score for each workout . How about some more bar MUs!

Coach Adrian

– What year was it when you participated in your first Open and what did you experience?
The first time I participated in the Open was in 2013, when I started coaching CrossFit. The coaches would participate in a Friday Night Lights event for the gym members as a way to show how to go through the workouts (i.e. Rx vs. Scaled, strategy, etc)

-Why do you continue to sign up?
I do the workouts as a challenge to myself being that I don’t train full-time as a CrossFit athlete. It allows me to set an example for members of the gym and other coaches by showing that I can do all movements at the RX standard with good form and show that as a coach, I’m still human and suffer through the suck of specific movements and types of workouts.

-What is your favorite thing about the Open?
My favorite part of the open is being in the position to help motivate and push people to exceed their own expectations for their performance and help them get one step closer to reaching their goals, whether it be strength/technique/stamina/etc. I’m open to seeing any and all movements whether I’m good/bad at them. I’ve spent more time than ever in doing WODs and Metcons to help prep and just increase my work capacity.

Coach Gus

My first Open was 2015..or 2014? I can’t remember. I was intimidated! There were a lot of movements I couldn’t do Rx but instead of getting discouraged, I decided to use that as a way to make a list of goals leading up the the next Open. I don’t officially sign up for the Open due to CrossFit’s stance on not allowing transgender athletes to compete, rather I am a member of a nationwide Facebook group and we have our own “Open” and spreadsheet.

I enjoy doing the workouts with my FCF friends! And seeing how competitive everyone gets! I just compete with myself. I have a few goals for performance this year, and coming off of a lot of injuries and illnesses, I’ll be happy to just complete all the workouts! I hope I’ll see lots of box jumps, push-ups, and pull-ups! Also muscle-ups! I know there’s NO CHANCE these will be left out of the Open this year but I really hope they forget about wall balls and/or thrusters!

17point1 is


+ CrossFit Games Open 17.1 Official Rules and Scoresheet – CrossFit Games

CrossFit WOD for Friday 2/24

CGO 17.1

for time:
10 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
20 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
30 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
40 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
50 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs

Rx = 50/35# dumbbell and 24/20″ box jumps
Scaled = 35/20# dumbbell and 24/20″ box jumps/step-ups

20:00 time cap. Post time to whiteboard.

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

overhead squat, snatch pull + snatch + snatch balance, clean pull + clean + jerk from dip

partner leg lifts, back (hyper) extensions, downward dog

Temporary Schedule Change

Throughout the next five weeks we’ll be running a special weekly 10am-12pm FCF Intramural Open Event for those competing in the Open and the #FCFio2017.

Instead of our usual Saturday schedule we will have an 8am and 9am CrossFit classes for those who just want to sweat.

There will also be a special 9am “OPEN PREP” class with me for the next five Saturdays. This optional class is designed to breakdown the workout, strategize your work and rest sets, and provide you a relevant warmup.

Remember to RSVP for all of your classes!


+ CrossFit Open 14.5 Strategy Guide, Tips & Tricks – CrossFit Portland

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 2/23

bench press 3x6x70, then

3 rounds for time:
7 hang power cleans, 70/48kg
14 burpees over the bar

Performance does 5 rounds. Post time to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


30 min AMRAP:

500m row
10 front squats
10 push presses
10 bent over rows
10 weighted lunges
10 sit-up + press

FCFIO2017 Team Shirts


To accompany the FCF INTRAMURAL OPEN 2017 we will be making available “team” shirts for purchase beginning on Thursday (maybe sooner)! ICYMI, the 2017 Captains are Ali (Red Team – Thundercats), Sarah (Green Team – Flex Appeal) and Cheryl (Blue Team – Blue Barracudas). Recruiting is in full swing! Not on a team yet? Pick your favorite color and approach the Captain! If you’d like to rock one of these new shirts, we will have them on our Apparel Store for $20 each.

How to use the FCF honor system Apparel Store:

  • Choose a shirt.
  • Locate the FCF Apparel/ Accessories Store clipboard.
  • Write your name.
  • Circle Cash or Acct.
  • Apply the sticker.

We bill for retail & snack store account purchases on the 1st and 15th of each month. Have cash? Circle Cash and place it in the milk bottle.

We will have a limited supply of the FCFIO2017 shirts available, so get them while supplies last!


Lower Backs

Anthony P

You KNOW we have some high-rep deadlifts coming in the next five weeks or so. Do you get any tightness in your back after a workout with a high-volume of hinging movements like the deadlift, kettlebell swing, olympic weightlifting, etc? Might want to check out the article and video below.


+ Low Back Tightness During Deadlifts – The Movement Fix

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 2/22


21-15-9 reps for time:
thruster, 43/29kg

Compare to 1/30/2017. Post time to whiteboard.

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

lifts: front squats, slow clean pull + clean + jerk, push press + jerk
accessories: batman split, single-leg hip extensions, med ball hammer rotations



Why I Sign Up for the OPEN (Part 1)

The Open starts tomorrow! If you’re still on the fence about signing up, see why we do!

Coach Nathan

-What year was it when you participated in your first Open and what did you experience?
My first Open was all the way back when the Open originated in 2011. I had just started at FCF a month prior and Tony somehow convinced me to sign up. I’ll be honest, it was a very humbling experience – I still remember struggling to get even a few clean and jerks during 11.3. But at the same time it was also very encouraging to see people that have put in a lot of work do amazing things I never thought possible.

-Why do you continue to sign up?
Since 2011 the Open has obviously grown. I have participated nearly every year since then and continue to do so because of the camaraderie within our FCF community and the ability to see where my fitness is year to year.

-What is your favorite thing about the Open?
My favorite thing about the Open is the environment every Saturday during those 5 weeks. It’s invigorating to be a part of the energy that fills the gym as people cheer each other on and push themselves harder than they normally would. It’s a very rewarding and positive feeling.

-What movements do you hope to see this year?
I’m going to make people mad by saying this, but I hope to see some thrusters again this year. Those tend to be workouts where I can really do well and push myself to my limit. Gotta love having short legs!

-What movements do you NOT want to see this year?
I’d really be ok with no handstand pushups. Being injured for most of this past year, I’ve had very little time to actually work on this skill and it is always one that kicks my butt during the Open.

As always, I encourage everyone to sign up! Whether you’ve been doing CrossFit for 4 days, 4 months, or 4 years, you’ll have a great time and be glad you did it this time next year.

Coach Tony

I’ve participated in the Open every year since the beginning, 2011. It is a good test of the combination of skills and strength, based on the original format of the CrossFit Games – be ready for the unknown and unknowable. Each weekly workout was a fun test of your skills, and with the adrenaline and motivation of others working out around you, it pushed us to achieve some pretty amazing PRs. Nowadays I continue to sign up because I can assign the annual Open series to significant events in my life. I destroyed my knee playing volleyball one year, and after the reconstruction, matching my previous achievements have become my new goals. Year after year, I saw improvements to my scores, and now 6 years later, it is great to know that I can still keep up with my younger self! Thrusters and burpees are what I salivate for in the Open. This year I’d love to see the following ridiculous workout announced: KALSU: 100 Thrusters for time, with EMOM 5 burpees before doing thrusters!

Coach Andrea

-What year was it when you participated in your first Open and what did you experience?
2013…my experience brought out the competitive gymnast in me, and I loved that! It also made me feel a lot of pressure. Mixed bag of emotions.

-Why do you continue to sign up?
I sign up to support our community! And because I am more than just a mama now. By signing up for this year’s Open, I am committing to myself that I am worth it. I am worth putting in the work to be a better me. I am worth taking the time away from my family to keep fit. My son needs to see a mama that is healthy and happy and fulfilled. I am more than a mama, I am an athlete!

-What is your favorite thing about the Open?
Seeing people do things they thought impossible for themselves. It is a culmination of all the hard work (and coaching) throughout the year!

-What movement(s) do you hope to see this year?
GYMNASTICS! Mama Vittegleo still loves HSPU, toes-to-bar, bar MU and pistols!

-What movement(s) do you NOT want to see this year?
Ugh, all the rest!

Coach Mark

-What year was it when you participated in your first Open and what did you experience?
My first open was in 2011! I had been doing CrossFit for over year and was easily talked into signing up. I had heard all of the hype from Sectionals, and the FCF athletes that participated from the year prior and felt like I had progressed enough as an athlete to be competitive. I didn’t know what to expect but I did find out what it’s like to compete by exercising. It kind of got me hooked on the process. I was able to see where my weaknesses were and I was excited to see how much I could progress through the year.

-Why do you continue to sign up?
Keep my streak going! It’s actually my measuring point. It’s the one CrossFit event that I will always sign up for. It’s become a normal part of life, as I continually look back at where I was (fitness-wise) at this particular moment in time. It means even more, now that I’ve had some significant life changes. It’s fun to see how and where you’ve progressed through the span of years.

-What is your favorite thing about the Open?
Everyone surprises themselves. There are ALWAYS PR’s.

-What movement(s) do you hope to see this year?
Handstand push ups and toes-to-bar.

-What movement(s) do you NOT want to see this year?
Handstand push ups and toes-to-bar. I’m not particularly good at these movements but I do love the challenges they provide in the open (that won’t stop me from complaining about it). It exposes my weaknesses but it will always come down to me to work on them throughout the year.

Coach Sheena

Like Andrew, Tony, Mark-Anthony, and a young young Nathan, I participated in my first Open in 2011. At the time it felt like any other day in the gym except each workout had a little bit more pressure to do well. I got flashbacks of my track & field days, right before a race!! It was a lot of fun. I continue to sign up because I love what it brings out of me. I train hard all year (with the exception of the past year #momlife) and put myself to the test with these workouts. I don’t consider myself to be super competitive but when the Open comes around, I become competitive with myself and with my peers – in a healthy way.  My favorite thing about the Open is seeing people achieve something they had never done before. I love screaming/cheering people on as they push themselves to past their limits. I swear I always tear up whenever there is only one person left working out and the WHOLE gym is cheering them on. It’s the best. We suffer through these workouts together and come out stronger together.

I’m not at all in great shape for the Open but I’m doing it anyway because I can. I loved my body before, during, and after pregnancy and I’m honestly just happy to be able to be healthy and being able to do what we do. I’m approaching this year as I did last year, with no pressure to perform a certain way but to get the workouts done and have fun. I always love some light and quick barbell work with some double unders.. and muscle ups since I can (or used to) do muscle ups. I really don’t want to see the damn thruster/wall ball/rowing combo but I know it’ll show up!!

Can’t wait to work out with you all!! Go Team FLEX Appeal!


What To Do If You’re Being Recruited

By now you should know that the CrossFit Games Open season is here and starts in TWO days! Our 2017 FCF Intramural Open also begins on the same day.

Read THIS if you’re still not up to date.

I’ll wait…

CGO 16.1, where I participated while I was pregnant!

Now that you’re caught up, here’s what you to do if you’re being recruited courted by one of our team captains.

Step 1: say, “Hell yeah! Let’s do it!”
Step 2: Register for the CrossFit Games Open, select “Foundation CrossFit” as your affiliate AND team.
Step 3: Get ready to have some fun, show up, push yourself to new limits, and earn points for your team.

Easy three steps right? Get to it!

This years’ teams:
Team Thundercats
Team Blue Barracudas
Team FLEX Appeal

A roster from last Friday’s draft is up at the gym!

Here are a couple of FAQs:

– What happens if I get courted by multiple team captains?
Well, that’s up to you isn’t it? Accept one captain’s rose and say yes! so we make it clear as to whose team you’re on.

– I don’t want to compete in the Open, can I still be a part of a team?
Absolutely! You can still EARN POINTS for your team (see the points section of the #FCFio2017 post). Just let your team captain know.

– What is this really for?
FUN, some suffering, achieving PRs, supporting your community, and VERSUS X (on March 25th). If you’re not held accountable for your fitness, are you really achieving it? Why not push forward together?

– I’m going to be gone for one (or more) weekends while this is happening, should I still sign up?
YES! Did you know that there are thousands of gyms around the world? Check out the affiliate map to see what gym you will be nearby while traveling.

See you at the gym, let’s get it!

17.1 Hint

The CrossFit Games Open (and the FCF Intramural Open. Learn about it here!) start this weekend! The first workout will be released and as always Dave Castro is posting hints to instagram:

via @thedavecastro ・・・ 17.1

A post shared by The CrossFit Games (@crossfitgames) on

What does this mean? Could it be a classic workout? Something with deadlifts? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!


+ CrossFit Games Athlete Alex Anderson on How to Crush the 2017 Open – BarBend

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 2/21

in 25 minutes:
– establish a 1RM press then
– establish a 1RM push press then
– push press 3x8x60 with 2:00 rests


3 rounds for time:
10 slam ball, 30/20#
10 burpees

Compare to 1/31/2017. Post maxes and time to whiteboard!

HellaFit WOD


1. OH hold
2. goblet squats
3. pushups
4. pull-ups/ring rows
5. OH lunges
6. burpees

1 minute of midline work after each tabata.

Instant Potluck

Cheryl, Nasreen, and Joseph all hosted a fun little potluck for Instant Pot lovers. Great idea: basically meal prep where you get to try new dishes and gather some fresh inspiration

We’ll be doing it again.


+ 3 Effective Drills to Tackle Your Tight Hip Flexors – Prime-Physio Fitness

CrossFit WOD for Monday 2/20

press 3x5x70%
strict pullups 3×5
strict chinups 3×5

7 thrusters (52/34kg) every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

lifts: back squat, slow snatch pull + snatch, snatch push press + snatch balance

accessories: banded drinking bird, steps kb death march, chinup hold