FCF/SLU Clothing Drive for JP’s Kids

One of our goals at Foundation CrossFit is to be a positive steward of the community. This is exemplified in our free Community Classes, our October fundraisers over the years, and our charitable holiday activities. This year we are asking you all to help out a former athlete and beloved employee, Jessie Purcell. Those of you who have been with us over the years have worked with Jessie Purcell at our sister gym, CrossFit SLU. Jessie joined the team in 2012, and played an integral part in supporting our business and helping it grow into what it is today.

Jessie and Pao, both former employees of FCF, forever family

After finishing school, Jessie Purcell now works as the Department Head of Physical Education & Health at nearby Garfield High School. Health education has always been a passion for Jessie, and it is so inspiring to see her lead the charge for our upcoming generations, raising them to be healthy young adults.

This job does not come easy, as many of you know the stories of teachers having very little funding to support their students. This year we can all help by donating athletic clothing for her students for class. In fact, 10% of her students are listed as homeless this semester and are in need gym clothes, among other things.

We are making a call out to our current and former Foundation CrossFit or CrossFit SLU athletes: dig through your closets and dresser drawers to see if you have any old FCF/SLU apparel (and any other shorts/sweatpants) that you no longer wear. Bring them in and we will have a donation box set up in the gym for JP’s Kids. In addition, we are taking these donations as part of our December FCF BINGO! So you’ll be able to donate for a good cause and check a box off of your Bingo board.

Thank you and let’s make everyone’s holiday a better one!


It’s December and because it’s an iffy month for a lot of us why not play some games?Check out the notes section: we have tons of prizes to give away so we want as many winners as possible. One complete line of BINGO gets you the first level of prize bags, zonks included. Five complete lines of BINGO (for example the top three rows plus two random columns) gets you a third level of prize bags, zonk-free. BLACK OUT BINGO enters you for a free month of membership!

Cards will be put out on Thursday. Plan ahead! Grab one and get ready to win.

Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from the FCF fam to you and yours!

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 11/23


in cumulative song format, for time:
100m med ball carry, 20/14#
2 muscle-up
3 toes-to-bar
4 kettlebell wall ball substitute, 32/24kg
5 ring rows
6 archer pushup
7 kettlebell SDHP, 32/24kg
8 wall ball, 20/14#
9 icky shuffles
10 jumping lunges
11 broad jumps

Post time to comments.



The End (or The Beginning)

You made it! HOORAY!!


Congratulations on all of the dedicated time, preparation, and will power performed during the last five weeks (six, if you include the education week)! We really appreciate all of you participating and supporting one another along the way.

If you missed it, we posted a blogpost with some advice on how to approach the completion of the nutrition challenge! If you participated, you should’ve received an e-mail with a link to a survey to fill out. Remember why you decided to eat cleanly in the first place and that should be your motivation to continue the good habits you’ve been practicing.

Great job everybody! See you at the gym!


+ I Didn’t Want to Try Because I Didn’t Want to Fail – Morning Chalk Up

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 11/14

back squat 5×5, then

(Rx) EMOM for 21 minutes:
a. 35 double unders
b. power snatch + hang snatch + snatch
c. 25 push-ups

(PERFORMANCE) EMOM for 21 minutes:
a. 50 double unders
b. power snatch + hang snatch + snatch
c. 12 hspu

Post squat weight to whiteboard!

Recipe for the Weekend!

We’re approaching the end of week 4 which means we have one week left of our challenge! Keep it up everybody!

Here is a fun new tool we got recently: Veggetti Spiral Veggie Slicer

It’s a small hand-held vegetable slicer and in comparison to the bigger version we previously had, it’s much easier to use and saves kitchen space! We haven’t used it for much veggies yet aside from zucchini. I love the quick access, quick cutting, and quick clean up. Plus the spiralized noodles that come from it are super fun.

Zucchini noodles! We set some aside to offer to Lily as well. Quick saute in the pan to add a little warmth and “cooked/crispy” texture with some olive oil + salt/pepper to taste (we omit that for Lily and just add the olive oil).

Zoodles, Marinara, Meatballs

Recipe for this quick meal:
– 2 zucchinis for noodles
– Dorot garlic*
– Dorot basil*
– sugar-free marinara in a jar or make your own! (we used two cans tomato puree with crushed tomato, diced onions, carrots, olive oil, green dried spices, and salt)
– meatballs: we used a package of ground beef with almond meal (as a binder) minced bell pepper and cooked in Kerrygold butter.

Use the veggetti to make your ‘zoodles’ and set aside. Set your pan to medium-high heat while you combine your seasoned beef with the minced bell peppers and almond meal into meatballs. Throw some butter on the pan before cooking, 5-8 minutes per side(s), making sure you rotate every so often. You can get a second pan going for the zoodles or save for later since it’s a quick saute. After the meatballs are done you can throw them in a pot with the marinara already on a low heat. Voila!

Looking forward to using the tool more often. I’m thinking of making some sweet potato curly “fries” or maybe even some regular potato “fries”.. I’m a sucker for those.

Happy weekend & happy meal prepping!


*fresh is always better, but these are really awesome when you’re cramped for time


Introducing HIIT

Our newest class on the FCF menu this November: HIIT!

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training- alternating short periods of relatively intense work times with less intense recovery time (think tabata and it’s :20 on, :10 off pattern). In HIIT you perform a short burst of high/max-intensity exercise followed by a brief rest (or low-intensity activity), repeated numerous times. With the time spent in the higher spectrum of intensity, we cannot sustain that work too long, so you can expect a doable warmup into two or three workouts, then a post-workout task.

We utilize many multi-joint movements which are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time. Intensity is essential for results! The more work you do in less time, or the higher the power output, the more intense the effort. By employing intervals we dictate your work, but also allow you time to rest and recover. Allowing us to control time keeps your work honest and leads you to your goals faster than usual.

By employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity lead to dramatic gains in fitness. We keep it fun by trying new things we wouldn’t do in our normal CrossFit classes!

Beginning in November, we will begin our new HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Classes, replacing HellaFit on Tuesdays 12pm/5:30pm and on Thursdays 12pm/5:30pm. There is no change to HellaFit on Sundays.

On To Week 4!


Can you guys believe we’re already into week 4 of our challenge? Not much has been happening, though I know this past weekend there were a ton of Halloween happenings. I hope you all had a wonderful time! Now I expect you all to reset this coming week like…

I also wanted to share Michael C.’s Halloween costume this year: so clever, so simple, and “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” ! Haha! I hope it serves as a reminder to use your IP/favorite tool to cook/prep. I plan on dressing up to coach on Tuesday, so wear your costumes one mo’ time!

Before I sign off, will you do me a favor? Sometime this week in the gym.. I’d really love it if you would go to the whiteboard (closest to the windows) and take a look at who else is participating in the challenge. Find someone who is doing something different than you and strike up conversation. Ask them how it’s going! Maybe you don’t know much about what they’re doing and you want to know more about it. Then share with me what you find out by chatting at the gym (if it’s not too hectic) or sending me an email.

Have a wonderful week!

– Sheena


CrossFit WOD for Halloween Tuesday 10/31

Put your Halloween costume to good use (AGAIN) by showing up to workout in it!

3 rounds for time:
50 double unders
15 push jerk, 43/29kg

Post time to whiteboard!

CompEx WOD

Each with a 5:00 time cap:

21-15-9 rft:
db/kb burpee
db/kb kettlebell swing

15-12-9 rft:
db/kb burpee
db/kb thruster

12-9-6 rft:
db/kb burpee
db/kb jerk

Gymnastics Strength WOD – Class 53

– hanging and support warmup
– skill work
– strength work
– putting it all together


forward roll intro

Foundations WOD – Class 7


150 wall ball shots for time


Bueno’s Goods 3

Gear Tasting (click to enlarge)

1 – NoBull Trainers (Black Camo)

These kicks use NoBull’s SuperFabric®, “an extremely durable, breathable and abrasion resistant material. The SuperFabric® guard plates are applied on a highly flexible mesh base layer, creating a 360 degree shield from zombies, rope climbs, and excuses.” It’s flexible, but durable. You could probably hike some rough terrain in these no problem. I haven’t met anyone who’s worn these who said they don’t like them. They’re flat (great for lifting), have enough give (good for jumping, running, etc), and grippy (solid enough for Seattle weather).

2 – PaleoEthics Super Serum Protein

CrossFit HQ finally saw the light and dropped Progenex as a partner last fall. PaleoEthics prides themselves on quality ingredients. Their Super Serum Protein (featured above) contains no eggs or dairy, making it easier on your digestive tract- no bloat, gas, or discomfort. This particular protein comes from grass-fed beef, but they have Vegan protein as well! The one issue I have is that their Vanilla flavor has a strong hint of caramel to it, nullifying the entire reason I get vanilla!

3 – Kenu Stance 2.0

This mini-tripod for your phone attaches via your charging port (iPhone, USB-C, and Micro USB) and allows you to stand your phone up in a multitude of ways. It also has a bottle opener function on it, as well as a mini ring to add it to your keychain. I added some paracord to it for easy grab and identification. A lot of my instagram videos are recorded with it! Fantastic for self-timer photos too.

4 – Stumptown Cold Brew

I was going to post up some more pre-workout supplements, but seeing as most people could still dial in their nutrition I thought it’d be better to post one of the more natural versions. Cold brew coffee differs from regular coffee in how it’s made: larger grinds are placed in room temperature water in a large container and left to soak for hours. The end result is a smoother, less acidic brew with sometimes 4x the amount of caffeine. Stumptown has a multitude of options: draft, nitro draft, glass stubbies, cold brew + sparkling water, cold brew + milk, and more.

Depending on your particular tastes, there are plenty of options. For me it depends on the time of day, but nothing beats the good ol’ regular cold brew stubby.

5 – Hershel Supply Co. Packable Duffle

I always try to carry a pack that allows me enough room to carry what the day requires, but sometimes you can’t predict if you’ll need some extra gym gear, or in my case, having to lug some equipment to and from FCF. That, or you might hit up QFC, the co-op, Uwaji, or Trader Joe’s after and it’s great to have that extra bag on you to avoid more disposable bag manufacturing. It’ll never replace my Chicobag Sling though.

6 – FatGripz

Need a stronger grip? (Answer is yes). Increase the difficulty of all your grip work by artificially (and quickly) increasing the girth of whatever you are holding.

7 – Eleiko Leather Weight Belt

At the high-intermediate to advanced levels of strength training having a belt to brace against in heavy efforts is great! There are plenty of shit belts out there, foam core especially, but leather is always going to be for a lifetime. Eleiko was the leader in the strength world for the longest time so of course their gear is quality. I picked this up in person at the Eleiko booth at the USAW American Open last December with Ann-Marie. The dimensions of this one are most similar to the Eleiko. I’ll share my favorite foam core belts in a later post.

8 – NW Fit Meals

For those who are lazy or value convenience and quality, there is no better meal-service with performance in mind. Gena and team have been supporters of FCF for a long time, and have come out to cater many of our events. They also deliver meals to the gym since we’re a drop-off point. Great food, great people, convenient eats!

9 – Bear Komplex Grips

If you’ve been to any of my classes recently I’ve been raving about these grips. If your hands rip, or if you just want some extra protection, these are the better ones are the market!

10 – Hempler’s Uncured Landjaeger

Always needing a snack for when I’m on the go, I came across these bad boys at Costco. No nitrates, no preservatives, gluten-free, and no added MSG make these a prime option for a shelf-stable protein. These 1.5oz individually-packaged sticks have 3g carb/16g Pro/20g fat

11 – RipFix Tin

Back talking about hand care, what happens AFTER the rip? You need to treat it as you would any other open wound: clean it, moisturize it, and protect it! The RipFix formula is one of the better ones I’ve seen and used, and can be also used as a spot-moisturizer or lip balm!

12 – YETI Stainless Steel Rambler 18oz

YETI is like the Apple of the thermos world. There’s nothing ground-breaking about the design or materials, but these are quality products made like tanks! I love my 18oz rambler for both hot coffee, cold coffee, pre-workout, and of course, water. The top is solid, you can add a carabiner to attach to your packs too. As I do with all of my other bottles, I simply add a vinyl sticker with my initials to easily identify mine, but I love the simple stainless steel look here.

13 – Momentum Jump Rope XXL

Nothing beats having a personal jump rope as a CrossFitter. Momentum is a local brand who does all the same stuff we do in the gym, so they get the ins and outs of what happens in training. Their ropes are light and responsive. This new XXL handle is pretty cool too.

Remember if you ever pick up a rope, come find me so we can measure it precisely for you, and also show you some trouble-shooting and storage tips.

14 – Virus International Compression Short

Compression has always been popular in athletics (remember UA’s early days?) but so many more brands are out there, sourcing better materials, constructing better silhouettes for multiple body types, and specifically designing products for specific activities. The functional fitness and barbell worlds have Virus INTL! I own many of their products (which I’ll share in future posts), but this one is great as an undergarment for active and recovery days, and great on their own in lifting or running. I wore these for my last half-marathon earlier this year and use them often on my weightlifting days.

They have great stretch and stay in place.

15 – Peak Design Field Pouch

I love me some EDC. This field pouch is part of a small line of bags from this Photography gear company (and I shoot with multiple camera straps of theirs) and it doesn’t just look great, it functions well in organization of smaller accessories. I think I could also add it to a belt and make it a hip pack next time I’m at Disneyland or Universal.

16 – KilosNotPounds California Roll 2.0 Knee Wraps

Sometimes you need some extra support for the knees. While wraps are specifically used for the strength sports like Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting, I don’t see why you couldn’t use these in a WOD. These wraps are little more stylish than the gauze-looking standard most brands have.

17 – New Balance Minimus

The classic is back! During off days, or ones where you could some recovery, these shoes were my favorite back in 2012-2015 when the minimal shoe movement was gaining traction. When first released NB had a trail shoe, a running shoe, and a lifestyle shoe. Pictured is the lifestyle shoe but I hear most of them are coming back.

18 – Sun Bum Sunblock Stick

I hate the idea of carrying a squeeze package of sunblock since having two explode on me in the same week some years back so I moved over to these sticks! Easy application for the lazy like me.

19 – Friction Co Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

Some people like loose chalk since that’s all they know- that’s all we offer at the gym! BUT for those enterprising athletes who know they could use more coverage on the hands, liquid chalk is a tad better for certain activities (bouldering, strongman work, etc.) plus it’s all yours and you don’t have to wait in line for a bucket! Also, it’s cleaner so you never risk burpees in class.


FCF Nutrition Challenge: Week 3

On to our third week of the nutrition challenge!

For those who chose the Keep It Simple route, how are things going? Are you still honestly following along without any follow ups? We want to hear from you! Share what your go-to recipe has been so far, on our challenge event Facebook page.

Here is one of our favorites:

Teddy-Inspired Chicken Recipe:
– chicken thighs
– coconut aminos
– sesame oil
– salt
– chopped green onions
– sprinkle or two of crushed red peppers
– chinese 5 spice (Sheena usually omits this)

Marinate the thighs for 15-30 minutes, allowing the thighs come to room temperature before cooking. Turn pan on medium-high heat and sear/cook each side for 7-10 min each. Great to pair with a side of veggies, on top of mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, or add in some sweet potato on the side.

Here’s one of Andrew’s favorites that he plans to make this week:

Maybe if he makes extra, he’ll sell you a container!

Remember, we have a sign up for meal swaps for every Thursday in our challenge. If you’re making some kind of stew this week, this would be a good opportunity to swap meals so you don’t eat the same thing for days and days! Another option is to freeze up the stew/soup to enjoy for a later time.


+ The Pigheaded and the PRs – CrossFit Journal

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 10/24

1000m row for time
500m row for time
250m row for time

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
50 overhead squats
400m run
40 chest-to-bar pullups
400m run
30 double kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls, 2×24/16kg
400m run
20 double kettlebell front lunges, 2×24/16kg
400m run

Post score to whiteboard!

CompEx WOD

3 rounds for time:
7 squat snatches, 75%
100 double unders

windmill work + obliques + flags

Gymnastics Strength WOD

muscle-up development, tumbling

Foundations Class 4 WOD

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
15 wall ball
20 lunges
15 slam ball
20 box jumps

Post-workout: Elevated Samson Stretch, 2:00/side


Prep! (5/5)

Missed any of our previous four posts?

Part 1 – Nutrition is the Foundation
Part 2 – Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.
Part 3 – Quality First
Part 4 – Resources

Read about our 2017 Nutrition Challenge and register here.

Here we go y’all! Let’s get ready to clean it up, feel and perform better!

Isernio’s breakfast sausage, zuch/pepper/onion frittata

To start off, prepping your food for the week on Sundays is great however, something that we’ve learned over the years is that you don’t need to prep for the whole week ALL on Sunday. You end up spending literally all day prepping: create your list, go grocery shopping, cutting, cooking, washing dishes, cooking more, waiting for dishes to complete before starting new ones. If you’re new to this, time management will be something you’ll play around with the first couple of weeks. So, to shorten up your Sunday food prep time, just prep it for the first three days. This allows you to 1) not spend your whole Sunday in the kitchen 2) not eat the same dish for 5 days straight (though some people would do just fine doing that) 3) have a plan for your next prep/cooking day. You can prepare for Wednesday or Thursday to be another cooking prep/day so you don’t feel like you’re in the kitchen for SO long. Boom!

We’re going to share our shopping lists with you every weekend so you can a.) bite and just do the same, or b.) see the general flow of things. We’ll keep you updated with all the things we complete and the things we don’t end up using too.

Things we ALWAYS have in stock our kitchen

stock (chicken, beef, vegetable, your choice)
Kerrygold butter (salted, unsalted if Sheena decides she’s making bulletproof coffee)
coconut oil
olive oil
sesame oil
chili powder
garlic powder
finishing salt (this 3lbs bucket is all you’ll ever need)
Himalayan Pink salt (specifically for this recipe which we make at least once every three weeks)
Red Ape cinnamon (AB’s favorite brand)
Tabasco or Cholula
Red Boat fish sauce (AB’s favorite brand)
Coconut Secrets coconut aminos (AB’s favorite brand Whole30-approved soy sauce substitute, and here’s another brand we will try when we need to reup)
apple cider vinegar

Things that’ll be eaten THIS week. This will seem like a lot, but we’re using the excitement of the challenge to get in the kitchen more, knowing it’ll calm down later into the challenge. Also doing a lot of prep for the next week.

Sheena & Andrew’s shopping list:
2 lbs sweet potatoes
2 lbs purple yam (really any other color tuber. You can look in the International district for Hawaiian Purple Yam or “Khoai Lang Tim”) OR a spaghetti squash OR butternut squat OR 2-3 eggplants
1 lbs broccoli OR green beans (fresh or frozen)
large container mixed salad greens
a medium contain/bag of spinach OR kale OR chard
3-6 bell peppers (various colors)
4-6 cucumbers
5-7 bulk celery stalks
bag of carrots
clamshell of cherry tomatoes OR small heirloom tomatos
2 onions (or 2 bags of frozen chopped onions)
2-3 apples (Swet Tango is my newest addiction)
Dorot crushed garlic (thank me later!)
white rice (Jasmine or Calrose)
cage-free eggs

approximately 3-5 lbs of various cuts of meat (4-6oz/meal for 3 meals/day for 2.5 people)
beef: ground, steaks
chicken: thigh, breasts
pork: Isernio sausages OR thick-cut bacon, loin
ground beef/bison/turkey/etc. (always keep 2 lbs in the fridge in case of emergency)

Other things we grab

Smith Bros (or Grace Harbor) whole milk OR almond milk (if paleo/Whole30)
Brew Dr. Superberry (or Happiness) Kombucha
Ellenos yogurt (plain or Latte or Chai or Pumpkin Pie)

We’re allocating three occasions to eat out as a family, otherwise leftovers for breakfast/lunch.

The real secret: cook a protein in a fat, serve with fresh or lightly cooked veggies and you’re set.

Recipes we’re using this week

Eggs & coffee. Start your day right! This is the true breakfast of champs. I prefer to make them with Kerrygold butter Gordon Ramsey-style (almost) and it ends up eaten with some quickly-sauteed spinach. Maybe half an avocado if there’s one nearby.

BCS: Named after one of our former coaches/athletes, she came up with this simple dish: Bell peppers + Cherry Tomatoes + Sausage cooked in olive oil. Easy. Also cool because those letters were also her initials.

We’re pairing this with a more-dense salad: Cucumber + Tomatos + Fresh Basil. Cut them up into small chunks, drizzle olive oil, add salt & pepper to taste, and BAM. Easy peasy. Plus if you make a bunch it can keep fresh for a couple of days. Prep = done.

Steak, potatoes, and green beans. Simple. Make extra veggies for lunch.

Chicken soup (stock, miripoix, spices, chicken) + rice. Go heavy on the miripoix- buy the ingredients in bulk and cut them into big pieces. I go a little overboard because it cooks down. Because I’m just watching my macros I’ll also make sure to workout a little harder today so I can have rice with my soup. Might add another green to it. I can make “breakfast soup” by storing some in a mason jar for the next morning or two.

Teddy’s Chicken + salad greens. Check out this video from a couple of years ago. Megan and Margot hosted us at their building so Teddy could show us basic knife skills. Then he made this delicious chicken recipe. We simply put it on a bed of salad greens (with a simple emulsion of freshly-squeezed lemon juice into olive oil) and tada! Protein, carbs, and a fat.

Porkchops + garlic mashed cauliflower OR potato. By week’s end we’re tired or busy or both. Another easy one to make that can yield plenty of left overs which means LUNCH.

Bam. Hope you enjoy your first week!

Alright. HERE WE GO!