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Kettle Up

Kettlebell class “Theory without practice is as limited as practice without theory.” ANNOUNCEMENTS – Community CrossFit Class this Saturday the 14th at 12PM, every person on Earth welcome! Tell your friends, fam, and coworkers interested in our upcoming Foundations program… or anyone else who just wants to sweat it out! – Next Saturday, January 21st is our Annual Not-Holiday […]

Double Pyramid

Sheena C demos the “perfectly-vertical kettlebell swing” that we like to use for workouts like HELEN and its many variations. ARTICLES + The Formula For a Better Run – Aerobic Capacity CrossFit WOD for Volume Tuesday 1/10 Double Pyramid HELEN for time: 1200m run 63 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg 36 pullups 800m run 42 kettlebell swings, […]

BEAR Complex, Pukie Brewster, Dubs

Burpees, when done with the Freestyle Connection method (linked video below), should be considered cardio as it remains low-powered, but rhythmic and repeatable for a long period of time. [1.] straight legs, bend over, [2.] sprawl back to lay down, [3.] pushup to arch (squeeze butt to protect low back), [4.] jumping good morning, [5.] clap […]

Odd Object Carrying

Odd object carries. CFSLU circa 2012 While we train with standard equipment most of the time, odd objects are great training tools simply because it emulates how you act among moving things when NOT inside the gym. ARTICLES + The Big Secret I’ve Been Keeping From My Skater Bro Friends – The Stranger + The Many […]


G$, the chief THE CHIEF is a fun interval test to see how much work you can maximize per round, but repeat for multiple times. What is your drop off like, if any? Could you add another round in to each of your cycles? Which of the three exercises hold you back? Which of the three exercises lend […]


Honesty & Consistency

Personally these two topics are the most important parts about any type of training, whether it be for weightlifting, kettlebell, mobility, or CrossFit. You first and foremost have to understand that to reap the benefits of any programming, you have to be both consistent and honest with all the factors that go into your training. […]


Gus (via TomBoyX) So proud of this dude. Read the interview with Gus about his CrossFit journey in the article below. ARTICLES – An Athletic Journey: Gus Lanza – Tom Boy X ANNOUNCEMENTS – This Saturday 1/7 – Community Class at 12PM, all members, friends, first-timers, and visitors welcome! – Saturday, 1/21 is our Annual Winter […]

At An Angle

ARTICLES + The 3 Building Blocks to Performing a Proper Dip – Breaking Muscle CrossFit WOD for Skills Wednesday 1/4 front squats 3x5x70, then CINDY AT AN ANGLE AMRAP in 20 minutes: 5 ring rows 10 ring Dips 15 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 24/16kg Olympic Weightlifting WOD Day 2: front squat, 3-position clean, BtN jerk, GHD work. Day 1 […]


If the legs drive first and foremost, and the shoulders stay in front of the hips for as long as possible, then you potentially get more use out of the hamstrings and glutes. If you can engage these muscles then you shouldn’t have to feel like your back takes the brunt of it. The arms […]

New Year, New You

…And new us! Welcome to the new Foundation CrossFit website and blog. Really weird how the old one crashed a couple of days before we planned to roll this version out. Oh well, screw 2016…2017 in the house! Hope you guys had a fantastic time celebrating the new year. Here’s to many goals crushed and dreams […]