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The calm AFTER the storm ARTICLES + Bueno’s Goods 3 – Foundation CrossFit CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 10/25 “ANGIE” for time: 100 pullups 100 pushups 100 situps 100 squats PERFORMANCE for time: 20 muscle-ups 40 handstand pushups 60 GHDSU 80 pistols, alternating Olympic Weightlifting WOD clean & jerk complex, clean & jerk ladder, front squat, […]


Bueno’s Goods 3

Gear Tasting (click to enlarge) 1 – NoBull Trainers (Black Camo) These kicks use NoBull’s SuperFabric®, “an extremely durable, breathable and abrasion resistant material. The SuperFabric® guard plates are applied on a highly flexible mesh base layer, creating a 360 degree shield from zombies, rope climbs, and excuses.” It’s flexible, but durable. You could probably hike some rough terrain in these no […]

Another Action-Packed Weekend

Gil and his wife had a beautiful baby girl three days ago! Yesterday we hosted OUTwod Seattle AND it was Tony’s 75th birthday (those Asian genes keep him looking young!) #OUTwod Seattle! Super fun times for a great cause! Big thanks to all of our athletes today- especially the @outwod team! #HYFRsquad #liftheavylovestrong #forthekids #seattlepride […]

Scout’s Honor

Russ planks! ARTICLES + The History of the Foam Roller – Physical Culture Study CrossFit WOD for Friday 10/20 The Cascade Classic Individual Event 1: Scout’s Honor for time: 10 deadlifts 10 burpee-over-bar 50 double unders 8 deadlifts 8 burpee-over-bar 50 double unders 6 deadlifts 6 burpee-over-bar 50 double unders 4 deadlifts 4 burpee-over-bar 50 […]

Barbell Sprint

Thrusters at the RCF Games 2017 ARTICLES + A Lesson In Longevity – The Cascade Classic We have Robyn, Zheng, Megan, Bobby, and Devin competing this weekend at the Cascade Classic, held in Magnusson Park this weekend! Come out and support! CrossFit WOD for Thursday 10/19 15-12-9 reps for time: power clean thruster Rx = […]

2017 WineStar Sommelier of the Year

Not only does he snatch well, but he can identify the region and vintage with his nose alone*! (*Not sure if that’s factual or if I just made that up. BUT I BELIEVE!) Meet the 2017 #WineStar Award Sommelier of the Year: Chief Instructor @guildsomm and MS Chris Tanghe (@cmtanghe)! https://t.co/GtEaHdUFag pic.twitter.com/70EXPqUPQR — Wine Enthusiast […]

Triplet Complex

Hugh! ARTICLES + Fans Fail to Recognize CrossFit Celebrity Athlete in Clothes – The Overheard Press CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 10/17 back squat 4×6 Rx EMOM for 21 minutes: a. 35 double unders b. power snatch + hang snatch + snatch c. 25 air squats Performance EMOM for 21 minutes: a. 50 double unders b. […]

Bring It

This week’s agenda is INTENSITY! Weighted carries/kb swings/burpees, back squats, double under/snatch complex/air squats, rack pulls, double unders/weighted situps, power clean/thruster sprint, Individual Event 1 from the 2017 Cascade Classic, and team conga lines. There will be no Sunday WOD as we will be hosting OUT//Seattle! For you guys, it’s essentially a smaller version of […]


The FCF crew at the 2010 Sectionals in Puyallup: Marc, PJ, Andrew, Tita, Cedric, Paolo, Max, Adam, Marc, Margaret, Sheena, AB, and Brady This workout comes from the 2010 CrossFit Games season- we didn’t have The Open yet, but before Regionals you could participate in “Sectionals”. All you had to do was show up! ARTICLES […]

Pausing Below Parallel

Brett jumping As we humans get older, it’s a fact that we become more fragile. A very common injury (and fear) is slipping or falling because of what comes out of it: head injuries like concussions and traumatic brain injuries, hip fractures, back and spinal cord injuries like slipped discs, dislocated shoulders/elbows/wrists, sprains, strains, and […]