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Going Overhead

Or a better question might be how do you get it overhead? How do you keep it there? ARTICLES + Yoga: Does It Promote or Prevent Injury? – The Sydney Morning Herald CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 3/7 5 rounds for time: 50 double unders 21 overhead squats, 20/15kg 12 ring dips Post time to whiteboard! HellaFit […]

CGO 17.2 is …

CrossFit WOD for Friday 3/3 CGO 17.2 – Rx AMRAP in 12 minutes: 2 rounds of 50′ weighted walking lunge 16 toes-to-bars 8 power cleans, 2×50/35# 2 rounds of 50′ weighted walking lunge 16 bar muscle-ups 8 power cleans CGO 17.2 – Scaled AMRAP in 12 minutes: 2 rounds of 50′ weighted walking lunge 16 […]


Lauren B and Nathan M How many of you did the CrossFit Online Judges Course this year? Yes, we know it’s no longer required for many people unless your goal is to judge at the Regional (or higher) level. The reason I ask that so many people take it is because it proves your training correct. […]


Due to lack of attendance we are cancelling our Thursday 12pm CrossFit classes for the time being. It’ll come back when the demand is there. ARTICLES + Defeat Poor CrossFit Movement with These Work-Rest Strategies – Breaking Muscle CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 3/1 Health & Fitness You Go, I Go, for time: 400m run together […]


Today’s the day! Turn in your FCF BINGO sheets to a coach or the office by end of day to be entered into the PRIZE drawings! ARTICLES + Benefits of Front (Rack) Lunges – CrossFit My Heart CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 2/28 AMRAP in 17 minutes: 10 power cleans 20 front lunges 40 double unders […]

Point One Done

Deadline to enter your scores to games.crossfit.com is tonight at 5pm! Do it now if you haven’t. Check again to make sure your score has been validated! 17.1 squad says ENTER YOUR SCORE! 11:59pm is the deadline to send in your Judges Course certificate PDF to info@ to earn your JUDGEMENT points for your FCF […]

Sunday Funday

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 2/26 front squat 3x5x70% CINDY AT AN ANGLE AMRAP in 20 minutes: 5 ring rows 10 ring dips 15 Russian kettlebell swings, 24/16kg Compare to 1/4/2017. Post score to whiteboard. HellaFit WOD E(VIL)MOM 10 minutes each: EMOM #1 – 5 air squats – 4 lunges – 3 pushups – 2 burpees […]

The Weekly Event: #17point1

THE NEXT FIVE SATURDAYS WILL LOOK LIKE THIS! 8am, 9am: CrossFit classes for those who just need a workout. 9am: OPEN PREP CLASS. This optional class is designed to breakdown the workout, strategize your work and rest sets, and provide you a relevant warmup for the CGO17 workouts. Attending this class also allows you first […]

17point1 is

ARTICLES + CrossFit Games Open 17.1 Official Rules and Scoresheet – CrossFit Games CrossFit WOD for Friday 2/24 CGO 17.1 for time: 10 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 20 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 30 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 40 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 50 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee […]

Temporary Schedule Change

Throughout the next five weeks we’ll be running a special weekly 10am-12pm FCF Intramural Open Event for those competing in the Open and the #FCFio2017. Instead of our usual Saturday schedule we will have an 8am and 9am CrossFit classes for those who just want to sweat. There will also be a special 9am “OPEN PREP” […]