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The 2018 FCF Intramural Open!

CGO 17.2 The CrossFit Open is a worldwide online CrossFit competition and we’ve done it every year as a gym since its inception in 2011. As we have in the past, we are performing the online competition as an intergym challenge. This fantastic idea came from Catalyst Fitness’ Intramural Open. Also on Monday 2/5 we […]

CGO 15.5

Sandi Pants lunging during last year’s Open Every Friday through March we will be retesting a CrossFit Games Open workout from the past! Also: The 2018 Intramural Open details will be out as soon as I can confirm some Team Leadership! ARTICLES + The One Strategy Guide for CrossFit Open 15.5 To Rule Them All […]

Another Chipper

Tony, Jon, Brett, Owen, Adrian, Megan, and Chip NEWS & ARTICLES + Our bathroom with the shower will be closed for painting beginning the evening of Friday, 2/2 through the weekend. It is expected to be reopened before Monday morning, 2/5. + USAW to Adopt New Weight Categories at American Open Series 3 – USA Weightlifting […]


Stacey, Michael, Eva, Kellie, AB, Ilene, Michael, Ann-Marie, and Spencer Still smiling from this past weekend’s party! ARTICLES + Check out our new nutrition site, as well as details for our next challenge here! + So, What Is Sous Vide, Anyway? – Bon Appetit CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 1/31 for time: 40 sumo deadlift high-pulls, […]


HBD KB! She DJ’ed our Holiday Party this past weekend ARTICLES + The FCF Nutrition Challenge registration is now live! CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE NEW SITE AND REGISTER YOU AND A FRIEND NOW! CrossFit WOD for Monday 1/30 EMOM for 30 minutes: – hang snatch + snatch – 35 double unders – 7 […]

Body Composition Testing Day

Today’s the day! From 5:30am to 7pm we’ll have a BODY FAT TEST truck outside the gym. You only need 10 minutes, a swimsuit, and a reservation. There are spots left at the time of this posting: 5:30am 6:50am 9am 9:10am 9:30am 10:10am the entire 11am hour the entire 12pm hour, except at 12:30pm 1:10pm […]


Team FLEX APPEAL The world-wide 2018 CrossFit Games Open is coming and like years past, we’ll be participating as a gym once again. Registering to play allows you to see where your fitness stacks up against the rest of the world/region/state/age division/etc. With that info you can plan for a better, more dedicated year to […]

Going For a Walk

The 2018 Open is coming! ARTICLES + The Secret of Loaded Carries – Dan John for T-Nation CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1/25 Rx AMRAP in 30 minutes: 200m suitcase carry, R 200m suitcase carry, L 30 kettlebell swings 200m suitcase carry, R 200m suitcase carry, L 30 hip extensions Performance AMRAP in 30 minutes: 200m suitcase […]

Three, Two, One

We have three athletes competing this weekend at the 2018 Armor Classic this weekend at Armor Athletics in Tacoma (formerly known as Trident Athletics). Wish Johnrey, Andrew S, and Andrew B good luck! Also: POST-HOLIDAY PARTY THIS SATURDAY! ARTICLES + The 2018 CrossFit Online Judges Course is live! – CrossFit Games CrossFit WOD for Wednesday […]

Hang Cleans & Box Jumps (& Front Squats!)

Getting glutes warm! ARTICLES + Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing at FCF – Foundation CrossFit CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 1/23 front squat 5-5-3-3-1-1 for time: 25 hang power cleans 50 box jumps 25 hang squat cleans Post time to whiteboard! CompEx WOD back squat DIE SETS, Regionals Run Triplet, Death By CTB Gymnastics Strength WOD handstand […]