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HIIT Class Sample

Ander rowing ARTICLES + Seattle Sports Chiropractor Competes in Steve Austins Broken Skull Challenge – King 5 News CrossFit WOD for Friday 12/15 HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Class sample SHORT INTERVAL :40 on/:20 off for 16:00 – speed ladder (trainer’s choice: medium difficulty) – lateral shuffle shuttle – med ball side throw – rower :45 […]

Gymnastics Strength Sample

Jon, Brian, Alfonso doing shoulder prep ARTICLES + History of Resistance Bands – Physical Culture CrossFit WOD for Thursday 12/14 EMOM for 10 minutes: 3 front squats then it’s a Gymnastics Strength class sample! – scap protocol – hang check – pull check – gymnastics shoulder routine – hang check – pull check Muscle-Up Development, […]

Clean & Jerks, ABMAGGEDON

Guillaume at the 2017 Trident Classic ARTICLES + Meet IV: Guillaume Chabot-Couture – Intellectual Ventures CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 12/12 clean + 2 jerks 50/2, 55/2, 60/2, 65/2, 70/1, 75/1, 78/1, 81/1, 84/1 ABMAGGEDDON  

More Bells

via GIPHY ARTICLES + Armor Building, by Dan John – T-Nation CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 12/12 KETTLEBELL CLASS SAMPLE crawling & tumbling ARMOR BUILDING: Rx YGIG for 20-30 minutes 2 double cleans 1 double press 3 front squats ARMOR BUILDING: Performance – complete 300 double kettlebell swings with perfect form. – every time you break […]

Cover Those Shins

Best of the Rest 2015 Knowing proper rope climb technique can greatly improve your time in rope climb workouts: jump and grab (straight arms), layback for a knees-to-elbows, foot lock the rope, squat up and you pull the rope toward your hips. Reach and repeat. ARTICLES + Why Do Recipe Writers Lie About How Long […]

Meats, Nuts, and Double Unders

Will E Fastest way to a double under: using a properly-sized rope establish a “fast” single under, establish a “slow” single under, practice a double twist of the wrist, then put the slow jumps and a double twist together. Keep your body stretched and throw the double as soon as you detach from the ground. […]

Clean & Jerks

Paul S Jerk blocks provide an elevated surface to drop the weights back onto  when working on jerks. This way you don’t have to lower your weights back onto the rack position (a skill in itself) or to drop it down to the ground completely every rep. ARTICLES + Donny Shankle Barbell Complex – All […]

Competitive Exercise Sample

James S at the bottom of a handstand pushup (HSPU) Today we sample one of our CompEx classes and see what it’s like: the goal of these classes is more on work, less on skill development. Completion of the standards is paramount, how you complete it is up to you. The volume involved means that […]


Rachael T For a better snatch receiving position creating better mobility in the upper back, hips, and ankles is paramount! ARTICLES + Sugar Industry Downplayed Potential Harms of Sugar – NY Times CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 12/5 every 90 seconds for 18 minutes: power snatch + push press + snatch then 3 rounds for time: 6 […]


Rachael, Andrew, Ander, and Bri The badasses featured above hit many personal records and got some competition experience under their belts. Foundation Barbell club has got a great 2018 in front of us! If you haven’t been watching USA Weightlifting has been making a splash at the IWF World Championships this weekend. ARTICLES + Why […]