Clean & Jerks

Paul S

Jerk blocks provide an elevated surface to drop the weights back onto  when working on jerks. This way you don’t have to lower your weights back onto the rack position (a skill in itself) or to drop it down to the ground completely every rep.


+ Donny Shankle Barbell Complex – All Things Gym

My favorite tricep lockout accessories! In addition to Tate Presses, DB Rollback Extensions and the Dumbbell version of JM Presses are my favorites for building that lower part of the tricep, above the elbow, for a stronger lockout in any pressing movements. For more movements like these in a structured program, follow our Conjugate CrossFit or Powerlifting programming at Direct Message me for more information or a direct link to the program you are interested in! Conjugate CrossFit programming link in my Bio! 🎥: @wild1media @livelargefitness #Conjugate #WODFollow #CrossFit #Powerlifting #Fitness #Coach #ConjugateNation #CrossFitConjugate #SweattShop #livelarge @westsidebarbellofficial

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CrossFit WOD for Thursday 12/7

establish a heavy load for the following complex within 12 minutes: clean pull + 3 hang clean pulls + hang clean + jerk

rack jerk 6×2

3×20 dumbbell bench press
3×20 JM press
3×20 plyo pushups, challenging height every round

200 banded lat pulls, red/purple

HIIT WOD – 12pm

Long Interval

Every 5 mins for 25 mins

20 Cal Row
20 dbl db walking lunge steps
20 hanging knee raises
20 dbl db burpees

HIIT WOD – 5:30pm

Long Interval

Joint Mobility

Game: Partner crab races

1:15 Stations
-Wall Ball Situps
-Walking lunges
-Plank to Down Dog (add pushup for challenge)
-Step Ups with High Knees
-KB push presses
**Followed by Lap around the block and 45 seconds rest

50 KB Swings to finish